Listening, Then Leading

The basis for our success is a Servant-Leadership approach to our client relationships. That means we believe that true leadership and guidance is only possible through deep empathy with each of our clients’ situations, as well as a steadfast desire to further their goals. These values of loyalty and service underpin everything we do.

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For our clients, we prioritize:

Authenticity & Trust

Authenticity & Trust

Authentic and trusting relationships are fostered by listening intently and acting on the information received. We recognize and accept people for their uniqueness and respect their point of view while valuing discussion, coaching, and mentoring. Seeking to learn as well as teach, and never operating authoritatively or by delegation, allows us to work toward consensus and cooperation to maximize performance outcomes.

Guardianship & Foresight

Guardianship & Foresight

We want every one of our clients to trust that they have, in us, a partner with a thoughtful plan to guide their journey. Thinking beyond the day-to-day management of your account helps us see the bigger picture, delicately balancing conceptualization and focused action. With curiosity and vigilance, we work to understand lessons from the past, acknowledge the realities of the present, and predict the likely outcomes of future decisions.

Goodness & Community

Goodness & Community

One of the great gifts of being in our line of work is that we have the pleasure of helping people invest in themselves, their families, and their communities. Our deep commitment to the personal and professional growth of each and every individual that interacts with our organization is inspired by the belief that people have an intrinsic value beyond that of the work they do.

If your values align with ours and you’re ready for a challenging, rewarding future in wealth management, we invite you to apply to work with us.
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Wisdom from experience

J.P. Marvel’s wealth management services are built on a tradition of professional excellence. Everyone on our team is focused on serving our clients’ needs. Our staff brings decades of experience and a diversified array of backgrounds and specialties. We form a versatile team that is dedicated to being a partner that provides informed, insightful advice and support for our clients.

Joseph F. Patton, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

Joseph F. Patton, III


Robert T. Stephenson

Executive Vice President, Director of Research

David J. McCaffrey

Head of Trading, Chief Compliance Officer

Nicole E. Kiernan

Executive Assistant, Office Manager

Simon R. Howe

Client Operations & Research Associate

Joan H. Patton

Secretary of the Corporation

Kellee A. Middlebrooks


Luke C. Patton

Head of Digital Marketing

The Fiduciary Difference

Our team of professionals leverage 135 years of financial service expertise to foster partnerships based on loyalty, commitment, and a strong focus on client objectives. As a fiduciary, we are here to thoughtfully consider our client’s needs-assisting them in areas of investments, retirement planning, estate planning, trusts and tax questions-always acting in their best interest. We are dedicated to aiding them achieve their financial and life goals, guiding them through the decision-making process to protect their financial assets while minimizing risk.

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