When we begin a new client relationship, we meet face-to-face.

Listening/Information Gathering: This meeting is an opportunity to gather and organize as much information as possible about the client’s financial situation, investment time horizon, and risk tolerance.

Strategic Investment Plan: With this information in hand, we draft a Strategic Investment Plan that outlines and analyzes a client’s present net worth and the client’s current asset allocation. Together, we discuss – and help formulate – the client’s investment goals, which may include preservation of capital objectives, growth targets, cash flow needs, and matters related to estate planning. These goals, when evaluated in the context of the Strategic Investment Plan, help us to determine an
appropriate asset allocation.

Plan Execution: We help the client execute the Strategic Investment Plan, which includes deciding how many and what types of accounts to open, selecting a custodian of the accounts, and helping to open the accounts and transfer in assets. After this, we start to manage the accounts.


We interact with the client regularly.

Account Statements: In addition to monthly statements received from the custodian, each client receives a package from J.P. Marvel
a couple of weeks after the end of each quarter. This package includes the following:

  • Account performance reports for the quarter, year-to-date, and inception-to-date
  • A current holdings report
  • A year-to-date realized gains and losses report

Client Bulletin: The client also receives a copy of J.P. Marvel’s quarterly client bulletin, which outlines the firm’s views on matters affecting investments such as the state of the economy, equity and fixed markets, the government’s fiscal and monetary policies,
geopolitical events, and trends in specific industries.

Accessibility: Our professionals are available at any time to discuss the needs and concerns of the client. We pride ourselves on our client service: our relationship with each client is invaluable, and we take great care to make sure that we are always in full and constant communication.

Partners: At J.P. Marvel, every client is a “partner”, and our desire is to make every “partnership” a long-term relationship.