Each portfolio is held at the client’s custodian of choice, and J.P. Marvel manages the portfolio.

JP Marvel Wealth Management, Inc. manages a variety of account types including:


A brokerage or bank account that is owned by one person.


A brokerage or bank account that is owned together (jointly) by two or more people.


A tax-deferred retirement account for an individual. Only those who do not participate in a pension plan or 401(k) can make deductible contributions to an IRA. Others can make contributions to an IRA on a non-deductible basis. Such contributions qualify as a deduction against income earned in that year and interest accumulates tax-deferred until the funds are withdrawn.


An account in which an individual (the Trustor) passes fiduciary control of property to a person or institution (the Trustee) for the benefit of beneficiaries.


An account established by a business firm or other legal entity that is separate and distinct from its owners and that has articles of incorporation filed with a state.


An account that represents the total of a person’s property, entitlements, and obligations.