JP Marvel Wealth Management, Inc. is an investment management firm of seven professionals with a wealth of industry experience and skills.

Our professionals combine for more than 60 years of money management experience and 135 years of financial services experience.

Additionally, our firm boasts professionals with backgrounds in legal, real estate, brokerage, and accounting. The staff is an efficient, cross-trained group of professionals whose responsibilities within the firm often overlap.

Establishing Plans:

JP Marvel Wealth Management makes an effort to meet with all new clients personally in order to establish their financial and estate objectives. This process aides the JP Marvel Wealth Management Team in drafting a certified financial plan and to set a strategic investment process to reach those goals. These plans are reviewed with clients on at least an annual basis.

Research & Investigation

A core value of JP Marvel Wealth Management is curiosity and a vigilance for new information. In addition to individual research and investigations, our Teams meets every morning to review and discuss breaking news, financial reports and all other relevant investment information. Moreover, at least once a week a Research Meeting is held to review all major equity holdings. This information is then integrated into the investment process.